Basic Obedience Program

Basic Obedience consist of Sit, Stay, Here/Come, Heel, Leash Manners, and anything else you may need done we can discuss. I do prefer the dog to be around 5 months of age or older. The average time of the basic training is about 3-4 weeks, but individual dogs vary. Also, depending on age/temperament of puppy/dog, I offer house (potty) training and crate training.

Gundog Program

Started level basic gundog consist of Obedience, Collar conditioning (E-Collar), Force Fetch, Gun intro, Bird intro (live & dead), & Simple marking work. I do offer more advanced training as well under further discussion. The time frame for this training is normally 4-5 months long but individual dogs do vary. I like to get the pup around 5-7 months old, as that is the age they start to mature enough to begin actually learning things and can comprehend things better for training.

Hunt Testing/Field Trials

I do run test & trails frequently. I can and do run/handle dogs for clients or anyone whom may not have the time or space to take dogs. If you are interested in having a dog placed with me please do not hesitate to contact me.